My career started with words. From my childhood, I had no dreams and nothing I wanted to do, but the only thing that kept me interested was freedom. I began to send out information via the Internet, which had the potential to do so, but what I found was the inconvenience of freedom and the reality that only contradictory things could move me, and only then did the necessity of expressing myself through “ART” appear in me. Quoting Zen, I would like to reconsider the Japanese spirituality that lies at the core of our being, and search for the monism that lies beyond contradictions.

I always want to keep things simple. To live freely is not to be passive and passive. To get there, you have to go through chaos. Rather, the senseless world that transcends simplicity is the true chaos.

2020, 227 x 158 cm, acrylic, medium on canvas


“Suchness VR”

2020, VR video Collaborate with めーぷる